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Have You Heard of The Frog Street SPLASH Conference?

It's July 25-27 in Grapevine, Texas!

Click the image for more info. 

Have you been to the SPLASH Conference before?
Well, you are missing out! It is one of the biggest celebrations ever!
The evening gala is the BEST!

Here is what you need to know:

This conference is designed for:
Early Childhood Educators, 1st grade, Kindergarten, Pre-K, Pre-School, Toddler, Infant, Special Ed, Teachers, Directors, Administrators, Caregivers, etc. 
Did I mention the shopping?

It is held at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas.
(That is an experience you won't want to miss!)
You will want to attend a pre-conference event too!

The Pre-Conference is Wednesday, July 25, 2018. 
(It's amazing!)

The Opening Celebration is Wed. evening, July 25. 
(It's more amazing!)

The Closing Ceremony is Friday afternoon, July 27.
(You'll be glad you attended!)

Registration (Jan 1-March 31) is $399
After March 31 it's $449
Check out the Make & Take session below.

Pre-Conference Fees: 
Professional Learning Institute (PLI), Full Day:  $249 
Curriculum Training Morning Session, Half Day:  $79
Make & Take Afternoon Session, Half Day:  $99 (My favorite!)
You will learn so much while having FUN!

I hope I see you there!

8 Quick Ideas to Save A Tree & Make Learning FUN + FREEBIES!

Save Paper, Time, and Make Learning FUN:

Here are a few ways to provide engaging activities without taking the time to make copies. And just think of all of the trees you'll save!

1.  Using workbook pages in a NON-consumable way: This is so much more fun than circling pictures with a pencil, right? :)

2.  Use fun manipulatives to create new onset rimes:
I got this idea from HeidiSongs. She has tons of GR8 ideas on her blog: and GR8 ways to teach, using music, on her website:
Click the image to grab the FREEBIE.

3.  Copy it once on cardstock, laminate it, and use it for years and years:
Click to grab this set:
4.  Use sight word cards and picture cards to create sentences:
Use sight word cards + picture cards to create a complete sentence:
"I like to see my horse."

5.  Create a re-usable dry-erase surface where students can practice letter and number formation, their sight words, or writing of any kind. YOU can also write a word there for the student to copy. :)
I found these self-sticking lined, dry-erase sheets on Amazon.
I attached them to laminated construction paper for my small group table. 
6.  Use a dotted font and print letters, numbers, or sight words on cardstock. Students write their name on the card, place it on the carpet (or a carpet square if you don't have carpeting in your classroom), and they use a push-pin to poke through the holes. They get to take the card home and tape it to a window where the light will shine through to reveal their work. You can also tape these up on your classroom window and turn the classroom lights off to see the outside light shining through. Great to use for their names too! 
Click to grab alphabet dotted pin cards.

7.  And here is another FREEBIE for you:  An entire set of numeral cards with the straight 4 (not like this "4" one) and the straight 9 (not like this "9" curvy one). And the numbers are underlined so students know which way they go! I put up a clothesline in front of a cupboard and students got to add the number cards to the clothesline to create a number line! Tons of fun and the cards are FREE! You can grab a clothesline at the Dollar Store. ;)
Click to grab this FREEBIE!
8.  I even tested without worksheets! I used ESGI. It will save you oodles of time and your students will literally BEG you to test them! Try it FREE for 60 days (NO credit card required) & enter my code KFUN to automatically qualify for $40 off your 1st year! 
Click to get your FREE 60-day trial + $40 off your 1st year! 

I hope you got an idea or two here today. Leave your GR8 ideas about how to use less paper and make learning engaging and FUN in the comments. :)

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Win a FREE year of ESGI: It will Flip the Way You Test Students!

Win a FREE Year of ESGI, My Favorite Thing!
Do you know what ESGI did for my class? 
1. It was the reason my students started to beg to be tested!
2. It saved me hundreds of hours testing, recording, & creating RTI.
3. It gave my administrators and me useful data to drive my instruction! 
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This is why I love ESGI:

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Freebies for the first week of Kindergarten

Hello everyone! It's Cori from Mrs. B's Beehive! I hope everyone is soaking up the last of their summer vacation!!   Today I am sharing a blog series on lesson planning that I did for the first week of school!  Scroll through to see what I will be doing day by day, and grab A TON of freebies to help you with your first week back to school!

I've been wanting to do a series like this for many years.  Every time the beginning of the year comes around, I think about my first year teaching.  I got my position 2 weeks before school started, and to say that I was panicked and stressed is an understatement!  I scoured the Internet for advice and ideas. I gathered everything that I could, and really had no idea what I was doing!

I work at a school where there's only one teacher per grade level, and the pre-k teacher, along with the first grade teacher were newbies right along with me that first year!  I desperately wanted someone to tell me exactly what to teach to get through the first week.  After that week, our regular schedule would start, and I would begin on the curriculum that was given to me (which wasn't much of anything, but that's for another time : ) I felt that if I could make it through that first week, I just might be okay : )

I'm hoping that young teachers out there can find these resources, and that they will help to ease some of those first week nerves and frustrations.  Each day in this blog series, I am going to base the resources off of a common back to school book.  You can read the book to your students, and then do the FREE activities that I have provided.  Today we will be talking about The Kissing Hand.

Product Details

I have tried so many different activities in the last 8 years for the first week of school.  I have tried a center set-up, I have tried beautiful art projects that require a lot of work ahead of time on my part, and I have tried activities that require a lot of assistance the day of, as the students complete them.  While I do try to incorporate some of these elements into our day, I am also a lot more realistic now about what we can accomplish, and what will keep more gray hairs from sprouting on my head!

Let's be honest, as the students come in and work, you are working like a mad person to put all of the supplies away.  You are also juggling those last couple of parents who won't stop taking pictures from the doorway, kids that are crying and need reassurance from you, and kids that are suspiciously eyeing the door, ready to run the minute you have your back turned (it's happened before, I suggest wearing comfortable shoes for unexpected mad dashes!)

We run on a mini-day schedule for the first week, so here is what day 1 looks like.

A good mix of activities, assessment, and teaching procedures.  We come in and begin work on a simple coloring page.  Sometimes the ability to open up a brand new box of crayons is all that it takes to give a reluctant child some peace!

Next, we come to the rug, and start to go over our calendar routine, and I introduce our first classroom rule.  Here is a product of mine that you can get off of TPT that gives some visual back-up to the rules.

After that, we start on our routines, we walk around the school, practicing that ever elusive straight line.  We have our bumpers up in front of us, and travel around to the different spots on campus that are important for them to know.  At this time, I show them the bathroom and water fountain (we don't have any in our classroom), and we talk about the procedures for dismissal as well.  I created this free list of procedures to help you try and remember all of those little things that you need to go over with your students at the beginning of the school year.

The first week is a great time to get some assessments done, and begin to plan out some of our small group activities.  On the first day I do an upper case inventory to check out their fine motor skills and letter formation.

I cover some more routines concerning recess and the fire alarm, which just so happens to be conveniently located in our snack area.  After we finish with that, I read them The Kissing Hand, and I do a quick check of their color knowledge.

I teach some more routines, and then we move into math.  I want to get a quick sense for which students have the basics down when it comes to number recognition and counting.

Next up is a quick art project that aligns to The Kissing Hand. 

After the art project is all cleaned up, we talk about dismissal routines, and we pack-up and go!  Every year I plan more activities then I will get to.  Things never go according to plan, but if you have all of your materials organized ahead of time, and are over-prepared, it brings your stress level down, and you can enjoy your new little people, and really start getting to know them!

Here is a quick breakdown of all the resources you can find in this post:

Check out the rest of my Kindergarten week in these blog posts!